About the Centre


The Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Center (Dovzhenko Center) is the largest Ukrainian State Film Archive. It preserves more than 5000 titles Ukrainian, Russian, European and American films from 1910.


Dovzhenko Center was founded in 1994 on the basis of the largest time of the USSR of the Ukrainian film-making factory (established in 1948).  Nowadays it is one of the most dynamic cultural institutions in Ukraine. Dovzhenko-Center combines a modern film storage facility with a climate control system, the only Ukrainian cinematographic laboratory, the Museum of Cinema, paper cinema archives, the media library and its own publishing house. The center's activity is focused on preservation, restoration, research and increase of the National Ukrainian Film Fund. It carries out researches in the field of cinematography, publishing specialized photo albums, booklets, books and articles on the history of cinema, as well as film magazines. One of the main aims of the Centre is to promote Ukrainian cinema.


According to the Law on Cinematography, all the negative prints of Ukrainian films created on public funds (including coproduction) are to be stored at Dovzhenko Centre.


In 2015 the Center has started the transformation of its industrial buildings into modern open public space. On the basis of the Center, there was founded an art-cluster which unites a number of public initiatives in the field of contemporary art such as theater, music, book publishing, etc. Since then, Dovzhenko Center also works as a popular venue for concerts and performances. 


The Center is the only member of the International Federation of Cinema Archives (FIAF) in Ukraine. In its activities, the Center focuses on the successful experience of Western cinema institutes, such as the British BFI, the EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam, the Cinémathèque Française, the Catalan film library etc. 


The mission of the Dovzhenko Center is to develop new perspectives on the conventional history of cinema and history as it is, the study of the transformation of national memory, the reflection of artistic and historical processes by means of cinema.


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