About the film laboratory

In 2012, new «CTM DEBRIE» French equipment was launched

The company offers a wide range of services for processing color and black-and-white film prints, as well as for fabrication and restoration of film:

  • Treatment of 16 mm and 35 mm color negative films by ECN-2 process.
  • Treatment of positive colour films by ECP-2D process.
  • Treatment of 16 mm and 35 mm black-and-white films by D-96 and D-97 process.
  • Production of interpositives and internegatives.
  • Negative prints editing, copying and treatment of current positive prints on the electronic color analyzer.
  • Production of digital („Dolby surround” standard) and analogue negatives of optical soundtracks from magnetic or digital carriers.
  • Production of all kinds of positive film prints (in particular, of test and reference duplicates), for commercial film.
  • Restoration of the base and emulsion layer (end finish, rinse, ultrasonic cleaning).

Our laboratory provides daily control over the processes and modes of film development,as well as over the chemical composition of the developing solutions for strict observanceof all process parameters in order to provide you the highest quality products.

Please fill out the application form so that we can better assist you in providing with films, research and any other assistance you may require: https://goo.gl/forms/suhQCndc37FbSkco1 


View and download PDF file Prices for cinema lab services (Ukrainian language) 

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