In her lecture A Happy Performative Marriage of Communism and Feminism in the USSR, Ukrainian researcher, Doctor of Philosophy Iryna Zherebkina talks about theories of cinema, the nature of the visual image and the tradition of Soviet Ukrainian feminism. The lecture took place as part of the KULTURFILM: Femme Mute series of lectures on cinema at Dovzhenko Centre on November 20, 2016. 


KULTURFILM is Dovzhenko Centre’s traditional educational program of lectures on cinema, whose format is beyond the academic cinema education. Within the project, cinema is considered in its social, cultural and historical dimensions. The Femme Mute project explores representation of a woman in the Ukrainian cinema of the 1920s - early 1930s, analyzes the view of a woman in a particular historical period and how it changed with time, as well as examines the attitude towards gender distribution in the society. 


Iryna Zherebkina is Doctor of Philosophy, Professor at the Department of the Theory of Culture and the Philosophy of Science; Director of Kharkiv Center for Gender Studies (since 1994); Head of the Laboratory of Gender Studies of the Department of the Theory of Culture and the Philosophy of Science (since 1996); Director of the International Institute of Summer Schools in Gender Studies in Foros (since 1997); Chief Editor of Gender Studies magazine (1998); Director of the project University Network on Gender Studies for the Countries of the Former Soviet Union (1998); member of the Specialized Academic Council on the Defense of Dissertations in Sociology at V. N. Karazin KNU.


Details at http://www.dovzhenkocentre.org/eng/event/214

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