About the colection

More than 42 000 film reels (over 5000 films) are stored at the National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre. These are feature, animation, documentary and popular science films generally produced in Ukraine.


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Most of the stored items are negative and internegative prints, while there is also a number of positive prints and digital copies. Dovzhenko Centre receives and preserves negative prints of all Ukrainian films produced after 1992. Soviet movies are mainly represented by internegatives or positive copies.

The oldest film in Dovzhenko Centre's funds dates back to 1910. The oldest feature film produced in Soviet Ukraine dates back to 1926.

Dovzhenko Centre also collects negative prints of Ukrainian documentaries filmed from 1992 and on. The main fund of the negative prints of documentaries from the Soviet period is kept in the Central State CinePhotoPhono Archive of Ukraine named after H.Pshenychnyi.


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