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Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Centre, with the support of the Ukrainian Film State Agency, has started the national release of its fourth collection of Ukrainian short films, Ukrainian New Wave.


The project premiered on December 23, 2015, in the Kyiv Cinema Cultural Center.


The schedule of screenings in 2016 (to be updated)


from 21.01 – Zhovten Cinema (Kyiv)

from 21.01 – Lira Cinema (Kyiv)

from 22.01 – Inoteatr Cinema (Odesa)

from 29.01 – Alternatyvnyi Kinozal (Chernivtsi)

from 04.02 - 8 ½ Cinema (Kharkiv)

from 04.02 – Lvivskyi Palats Mystetstv Cinema (Lviv)

from з 06.02 – ERA Multiplex (Rivne)

from 25.02 – Dovzhenko Cinema (Zaporizhzhia)

from 09.04 - ШELTER+ Cultural and Community Centre (Kryvyi Rih)


The new collection of the Ukrainian New Wave project features ​​films by young filmmakers who mash reality and illusion, different genres and keys, looking for and finding new modes of cinematic language and implementing them on the screen. The collection is deeply psychological, yet mixed with irony. These films can not boast entirely successful characters – they are a kind of a reflection on the phenomenon of loserdom. Here, the characters are not afraid to admit defeat or create phantom worlds where they grow wings, like the lonely heroine of the Ukrainian-French animation film Swan; or where the traces of war remain only on the synthetic snow and where there is always a way out in the style of Saint-Exupéry, as in animation film Attraction. The elderly couple from the Scandinavian-ish absurd black comedy Not today also suffer daily setbacks – they fail to die. The main character of the film Say Corn! is preparing for her entrance exam to an acting school with the zeal of a young boxer getting ready for a decisive battle. With the same enthusiasm, the heroine of the romantic sketch The Cello is bringing her instrument to a meeting of her dreams and her chance companion is feeding her tall tales about his life. The documentary about the “milestone baby” Kim Kuzin with the playful smile of young Leonardo DiCaprio reflects on the Soviet tradition of creating media figures of children-heroes, whose fate was often far from enviable. This collection demonstrates how a succession of failures can in one moment turn into a real cinematic success.


The Ukrainian New Wave is a project presenting the best short films made by Ukrainian debutant directors in the current year. Initiated by Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Center in 2012, it is traditionally held every year in December, presenting in the national release the best debut short films by young Ukrainian directors, which were specially selected and won awards at national and international film festivals.  

The films taking part in the fourth New Wave:


SAY CORN!, 15’  

Written and directed by Valeria Kalchenko

Cinematography by Ihor Ivanko 

Starring Martha Kossakowska, Maria Khomutova, Alla Serhiiko 

Genre: drama, comedy 

What if Rocky Balboa was a Polish girl, with a speech impediment and only 152 cm tall, dreaming to study at a theatrical university in Kyiv? Meet Veronika Klieshnia – she will teach you how to become successful.

Special Award at Odessa International Film Festival and a Special Award from Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Center within the Prologue Student Film Festival-2015.


SWAN, 4’ 

Written and directed by Oleksandr Danylenko 

Genre: animation

Our souls are like swans. There is only one true love in our life. And that love is stronger than distance or time. Not even the boundary between worlds can stop it.

Nominee in the National Competition of Odessa International Film Festival-2015



Directed by Khrystyna Syvolap 

Cinematography by Diana Olifirova  

Starring Volodymyr Zadniprovskyi, Alla Sokolova 

Genre: comedy  

Grandpa Lyosha and Grandma Khrystya decided to die together on the same day. However, the old man keeps finding new reasons to put off this event. It becomes clear that he has come up with a sort of a plan. The old man will have to resort to desperate measures to implement it and to convince the old woman to postpone the day they die.

Nominee in the National Competition of the Molodist-2015 International Film Festival and Odessa International Film Festival-2015

For a full list of the film’s AWARDS see: http://directoryfilms.com/films/davay-ne-syogodni



Written and directed by Oleh Pedan 

Cinematography by Iryna Serheieva 

Genre: animation 

Life is a game in which you may not have a second chance...  

Nominee in the National Competition of the Molodist-2015 International Film Festival.



Directed by Olesia Morhunets-Isaienko

Written by Maryna Stepanska  

Cinematography by Serhii Stetsenko

Starring Andrii Isaienko, Kateryna Kachan, Mykola Boklan

Genre: drama

On a beautiful autumn day, a man and a woman meet in the middle of a Crimean steppe. This chance meeting was preceded by a succession of events that we only learn of at the end of their journey.

Best Screenplay Award at the Molodist-2015 International Film Festival



Written and directed by Antonio Lukić

Cinematography by Anton Borysiuk

Genre: comedy, documentary

Kim Kuzin was once a very famous character in the USSR. In 1974, he was born a milestone four billionth baby and from the moment of his birth become a symbol of all the children of the USSR. In this documentary, we try to find Kim Kuzin today for a historical interview.

Audience Award at the Prologue Student Film Festival-2015.



Directed by Myroslava Khoroshun

Written by Anna Kostyliova

Cinematography by Mykola Hroznyi, Serhii Krutko

Starring Nataliia Lukeicheva, Andrii Mostrenko, Alisa Hurieva, Oleksii Trytenko, Andrii Sereda

Genre: comedy

This is a story about a strong woman trying to find a balance between her career and personal life. Unfortunately, work and family are extremely hard to balance.

Participant of the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival 2014.

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