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The first program initiated by Dovzhenko Centre this year is the series of screenings titled Seven Brief Meetings: the Cinematic Unconscious of the 60-s. The program will run as part of the educational program within the Ukrainian Art of the Sixties. Potentiality of a Museum project at the National Art Museum of Ukraine.


In line with the intention of the exhibition, the Seven Brief Meetings program represents the trends and moods of the cinematic art of the 60-s. Each of the seven meetings within the series will focus on different, mostly unconventional, genres and styles of the art of the 1960-s.


Among the topics that the program of screenings Seven Brief Meetings: the Cinematic Unconscious of the 60-s will be dealing with over seven Fridays in January and February are music and animation, urbanism and moral conflicts of the artists of the 60-s, and, naturally, the specifics of the period.


The program of the series:


January 8 – Between folklore and avant-garde: composer Volodymyr Huba

  • She, Who Enters the Sea (Leonid Osyka, 1965)
  • He Who Comes Back, Will Love (Leonid Osyka, 1967)

January 15 – Representation of the 60-s: director Anatolii Syrykh

  • Valentyn Sylvestrov. Soft Songs (Anatolii Syrykh, 1992)
  • Serhii Paradzhanov. Visits (Anatolii Syrykh, 1994)
  • Hryhorii Havrylenko. Shiny Image (Anatolii Syrykh, 1988)
  • Valerii Lamakh. Circle of Life (Anatolii Syrykh, 2013)
  • That Very Aigi (Anatolii Syrykh, 1992)

January 22 – Kyivnaukfilm Animation School: Animator Yevhen Syvokin

  • The Adventures of Pepper (Iryna Hurvych, Ipolit Lazarchuk, 1961)
  • Myshko + Mashka (Ipolit Lazarchuk, 1964)
  • The Man Who Could Fly (Yevhen Syvokin, 1968)
  • The Man Who Could Work Miracles (Yefrem Pruzhanskyi, 1969)
  • The Tale of the Good Rhino (Yevhen Syvokin, 1970)
  • The Stone on the Road (Volodymyr Honcharov, 1968)

January 29 “Physicists” vs “Lyricists”

  • The Blown Up Dawn (Felix Sobolev, 1965,)
  • Seven Steps Beyond the Horizon (Felix Sobolev, 1968)

February 5 – Comic Media and Shows

  • We Rode and Rode (Yefym Bieriezin, Yurii Tymoshenko, 1962)

February 12 – Urban Murals: Kyiv of the 60-s

  • Kyiv Smiles (Rafail Nakhmanovych, 1967)
  • Kyiv Frescoes (Serhii Paradzhadov, 1966)
  • Stone Paintings (Hryhorii Kokhan, 1967)
  • Sculptor Vasyl Borodai (Liudmyla Borysova, 1976)
  • The Wall (Israel Goldstein, 1988)
  • Blind Rain (Viktor Hres, 1969)
  • The Kyiv Study (Eduard Tymlin, 1966)

February 19 Characters of the Generation

  • Brief Meetings (Kira Muratova, 1967)

Dates of meetings: every Friday from January 8 to February 19.

Time: 18:00.

Place: National Art Museum of Ukraine, 6 Hrushevskoho St., Kyiv


The Seven Brief Meetings: the Cinematic Unconscious of the 60-s program will not be the first joint project of Dovzhenko Centre and the National Art Museum. As you may remember, during the exhibition Heroes: An Attempt of an Inventory last year, the Centre, in co-operation with the Museum, organized the program of screenings Heroic Make-Up, focusing on the key figures of Soviet heroic mythology.

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