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On March 18-20 Dovzhenko Centre will present its program at AV Festival, the British festival of political visual art. The title of the program is Levels Of Democracy, and it will focus on Ukrainian documentaries from different time periods, from Dziga Vertov to Serhiy Loznytsya.


The project was implemented within Canny Creatives, the professional experience exchange program for specialists working in cultural and artistic organizations of Great Britain and Ukraine, initiated by British Council.


A special highlight of the festival is the re-premiere of the film by Michael Kaufman An Unprecedented Campaign (1931) to the accompaniment of a new live soundtrack from the British band Test Dept.


This legendary group, pioneers of industrial, will for the first time since the 90s get together to record an exclusive soundtrack to An Unprecedented Campaign. In their time, the music of Test Dept. was described as a collage of noise, found sounds and looped rhythms. The band itself belonged to the circle of musicians working under Some Bizzare Records, the signature label of the British underground scene of the 1980s. Both the musicians and the festival organizers are carefully and enthusiastically studying the historical context of the era, the film itself, the relationship between the Kaufman brothers, and are reading lots of books on the history of Ukraine, as well as translated works by Vertov.  


Also, within the Ukrainian weekend at the AV Festival there will be a Q & A session with the Film Archive and Film Museum Director of the National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Center, Ivan Kozlenko.


AV Festival is a British festival of contemporary art, cinema and music. The first festival took place in 2003, and since then this event has become a leading British biennial festival of contemporary visual art, with an audience of over 90 thousand people each year.


At the suggestion of the Festival Director Rebecca Shatwell, the thematic framework for AV Festival in 2016 and 2018 will be George Orwell's early documentary novel about the life of the British working class, The Road to Wigan Pier. The slogan for this year's festival is a quote from this book, “Meanwhile, what about socialism?” So other festival programs will also focus on practices of resisting the neoliberal system. 


Dovzhenko Center Program for AV Festival will be presented within the framework of Ukraine Film Weekend and will take place on March 18-20. The screenings will include the following films:

  • An Unprecedented Campaign (Mikhail Kaufman, 1931), to the accompaniment of Test Dept;
  • In Spring (Mikhail Kaufman, 1929);
  • Earth (Oleksandr Dovzhenko, 1930);
  • Enthusiasm: Symphony of the Donbas (Dziga Vertov, 1930);
  • The Target Is Your Brain (Felix Sobolev, Viktor Olender, 1984);
  • Levels of Democracy (Heorhiy Shkliarevskyi, 1992);
  • Blockade (Serhiy Loznytsya, 1994);
  • Maidan (Serhiy Loznytsya, 2014);
  • The Event (Serhiy Loznytsya, 2015).

Follow re-premiere of An Unprecedented Campaign in the UK to the accompaniment of Test Dept. at: 


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