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On February 11, the National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Center, supported by the Ukrainian Film State Agency, starts the national theatrical release of the anthology of Ukrainian romantic short films Love. Live.

What is Love. Live? 

Best Ukrainian romantic films made over the recent years

The total screening time of 117 minutes

Simple stories the viewer can relate to

A Ukrainian product from young directors:

10 movies

10 romantic stories: love story, comedy, melodrama

10 new names of Ukrainian directors

the total of over 150 international film festivals.

Screenings will be held at:

03.03 – 09.03 8 ½ Cinema, Kharkiv

03.03 – 09.03 Ukraina Cinema, Cherkasy

12.02 – 31.03 Lira Cinema, Kyiv

During the release the Love.Live collection can be seen at:

11.02 – 21.02 Zhovten Cinema, Kyiv

11.02 – 21.02 Dovzhenko Cinema, Zaporizhzhya

11.02 – 17.02 Inoteatr Cinema, Odessa

11.02 – 17.02 Kinopalats Cinema, Lviv

11.02 – 17.02 Kopernik Cinema, Lviv

11.02 – 11.03 Taras Shevchenko Cinema, Khmelnytskyi

11.02 – 24.02 Adrenalin Cinema, Lutsk

12.02 – 24.02 Kinopanorama Cinema, Kyiv

14.02 – Alternatyvnyi Kinoteatr Cinema, Chernivtsi


Guests At My Home  

Dir. О.Fedchenko, 5'

Participant of over 30 official selections at international film festivals and winner of 6 awards, among which the Best Animated Film Award from Silafest International Film Festival (Serbia) and TASI Audience Award at The Animation Society of India (TASI) International Film Festival (India).

The Chello
О.Morhunets-Isayenko, 23'

The film received the Best Screenplay Award at Molodist-2015 International Film Festival and has taken part in numerous international festivals in Europe. The most impressive fact is that the film won over the viewers at Music & Film Festival (JIMFF) in Korea in 2014 and at the Golden Apricot-2015 International Film Festival in Armenia.

Dir. S. Danylenko, 4'

This is one of the first of Sashko Danylenko’s film, which totally charmed French musicians.

Sashko Danylenko also directed the well-known animated music videos for the Ukrainian band TNMK — the surrealistic Carpathian Rap and the colorfully mythological Reggae.

May be
Dir. N. Davydenko, 22'

The film became one of the most intriguing events at Molodist International Film Festival in 2014.


Dir. М. Kuzmyna, 10'

The screenplay for this comedy was written by famous Ukrainian writer Kateryna Babkina. The film won awards for Best Film and Best Screenplay at the Open Night Festival (Kyiv) and Best Idea at KiTy Film Festival (Mariupol) and Kinokimeria-2015.

First Step In the Clouds  

Dir. А. Horlova, 18'

Winner of the 4th International Auteur Film Festival Kinolikbez, which was held in the Russian city of Barnaul in Altay. The director of the film Alina Horlova won the Silver Jean-Luc Award The Power of Word for best story.

A Letter From the Past
А. Rozhen, 10'
Winner of the grant of the President of Ukraine.

Come Back
А. Kyryllov, 4'

The film was made after the screenplay by contemporary writer Tata Kepler.

Not Today

Dir. H. Syvolap, 18'

Best Short Film at the 26th Italian The Best Short Film Festival, two awards at JULA Festival in Munich – Audience Award and Best Screenplay, and the main prize at the International Film Festival in Trieste.

Dir. V. Vlasenko, 3'
A sensual story of a robot who lost his heart.

shots from the films Douche, Damage, The Cello, Not Today

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