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Dovzhenko Center acts as a partner in the Arsenal of Love project in Mystetskyi Arsenal, which kicked off on February 11 and is dedicated to the most romantic holiday in the year.


The event organizers urge the public, apart from preparing for St. Valentine's Day by buying gifts or spending the day with their partners in a cozy atmosphere, also to turn attention to some important social issues: charity, mutual help, a civilized approach to relationships and protection of your lives and health from HIV / AIDS.


Arsenal of Love has different formats on its program: art, music, fashion, movies, romantic cafes, lectures and master classes. Dovzhenko Center has provided several films about love for the movie program of the event.


From 11 to 14 February, at the address 12 Lavrska St., you can see the films The Fruit of Love (1926), Spring Rain (1958), To Hell with Love! (1975), Two Poodles (1981), and Such Beautiful People (2013).


More about the films:



1926, UkrSSR, VUFKU (Yalta), 25'

Director and screenwriter: Oleksandr Dovzhenko

Cameramen: Danylo Demutskyi, Yozef Rona

Starring: Dmytro Kapka, Marjan Krushelnytskyi, Marharyta Chardynina-Barska, Ivan Zamychkovskyi

Barber Zhan Kovbasyuk learns that he has become a father. Having a child ruins all his plans. Zhan decides to get rid of the baby. No matter who Zhan plants the baby to, it every time miraculously returns to him. Only after Zhan finds out that he can get financial aid for the child does he tries to accept it, but it is not so easy...


The Fruit of Love ​​is an early comedy film by Oleksandr Dovzhenko, basically his second film after the lost Vasya the Reformer. Thinking of himself as comedy director, Dovzhenko makes a film using his own script, developing a serial character Kapka and hoping to make a number of films with him, like Kapka in the Army, Kapka at the Factory, yet never realizing this idea.




1958, USSR, VGIK, 27'

Directors and screenwriters: Kira Muratova, Oleksandr Muratov

Cameraman: Alfredo Alvares, Aleksandr Rybin
Music by: Rafayil Khozak
Starring: Valentyna Khmara, Oleg Tabakov, Kira Muratova


The accidental meeting of Katya and Kostya on a train grows into a romantic adventure. It turns out that the young people not only work at the same factory, but also understand each other well. However, their relationship is threatened, once the girl learns of the drunken company of her new friend.

A half-forgotten early film by Kira Muratova and Oleksandr Muratov, made by them as a course work during their studies at VGIK in the studio of People's Artist of the USSR Sergei Gyerasimov. Kira Muratova herself appeared in one of the scenes, and the leading role in the film was played by second-year student of the prestigious Moscow Art Theater School Oleg Tabakov.




1975, UkrSSR, Kyiv State Karpenko-Kary Cinema Institute, 10'

Director: Yaroslav Lanchak

A school story about the torments of first love. Teenager Pyetkin decides to fall in love with one of the girls in his class, yet hesitates which one to choose...

This student film by Yaroslav Lanchak (From the Life of Ostap Vyshnya) won an award at one of the first Molodist Film Festivals in Kiev.



1981, UkrSSR, Kyiv State Karpenko-Kary Cinema Institute, 27'
Director: Volodymyr Kuchynskyi

Cameraman: Oleksandr Shumovych

Starring: Boris Smorchkov, Yelena Solovey, Dmitriy Kharatjan 


Two poodles, and with them their two masters, meet during a walk in an autumn park. The masters’ relaxed conversation is interrupted only by a tennis player played by the young Dmitriy Kharatjan. From the first minutes of the film a subtle quotation from Antonioni’s Blow Up makes the viewer understand that he or she has entered the world of cinematic conventions. It is a world of black and white contrasts, where action unfolds slowly, like a chess game, where words and things mean more than it may seem at first glance. Perhaps because of this the final frames showing windows of panel blocks of flats are seen not as a return home but as the end to an exciting game.



2013, Ukraine, National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Film Studio, 92'

Director and screenwriter: Dmytro Moyseyev

Cameraman: Serhiy Tartyshnikov

Artist: Oleksiy Balashov

Music: Maksim Shalyhin

Starring: Polina Voynevych, Kostyantyn Danyljuk, Alla Bineyeva, Oleh Stefan, Mykhailo Savchenko


Two friends, Marta and Lyuba, in an attempt to escape the bustle of the big city settled on a beach far away from people. Next to Lyuba is her happy family: her kind, a bit eccentric husband and their eight-year-old son. Marta has a bad marriage behind her, fisherman’s luck, a piano and loneliness. Together, they arrange home performances, read poetry and listen to music. Yet Marta wants some genuine tender loving care. So, Ivan, an unsuccessful writer, appears in her life. He needs to decide if he is worthy of strong feelings and if he can love again.


This debut feature film by Dmytro Moyseyev continues the ideological quest of his film’s artistic director Roman Balayan. However, even love could not help Balayan’s characters, going through mid-life crisis, to overcome social discomfort, whereas Moyseyev takes everything social out of the picture, placing his characters onto an almost uninhabited seashore and making love the only true meaning of their lives.

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