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On April 20, at the opening of the VI Knyzhkovyi Arsenal International Festival, Dovzhenko Centre is going to present the first Crimean Tartar film from director Georgi Tasin ALIM with a new soundtrack performed live by Crimean Tartar virtuoso guitarist and composer, People’s Artist of Ukraine Enver Izmaylov. The cinematic performance will serve as an introduction to the special program of this year’s festival, “Qirim”.


Time: 20:00

Place: the Open Air Stage, National Cultural- Art and Museum Complex Mystetskyi Arsenal (Lavrska St., 10-12)

The event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1553166908317544/

ALIM (1926), 61 min.
2nd VUFKU Film Studios, Yalta

Director: Georgi Tasin 
Cameramen: Volodymyr Lemke, Mykhaylo Belskyi, Andriy Mains
Starring: Khayri Emirzade, Assiye Emirzade, V.Kolpashnykov, Oleksandr Arbo, K.Umerov.

Crimea. The mid-19th century. Farmer Alim works at a tannery which belongs to a rich landowner Ali. Protesting against inhuman working conditions, Alim encourages other workers to revolt. A squad of Cossacks arrives to suppress the rebellion. Alim and his friends flee to the mountains. His name terrifies landlords, noblemen and officials. Once again, the authorities send out troops against the Crimean Tartar Robin Hood...

The film is based on a Crimean Tatar legend, which in 1925 was made into a play by Crimean Tatar poet, director and playwright Ipchy Umer. Shooting of the film, after the script of Ukrainian avant-garde poet Mykola Bazhan, began in autumn 1925, when the indigenization policy in national republics created demand for national subjects. The film was shot on Chatyr-Dag and Ai-Petri all through the summer of 1926 and was premiered on August 16. Director of the Crimean National Museum provided consultations during the shooting. The film gained wide popularity and was exported to Berlin and Paris in 1927.

In 1935 the film was re-edited and the new version was released. By secret order from Ukrayinfilm № 700/r of April 21, 1937, the movie was banned and its copies were destroyed.


Enver Izmaylov is a well-known Ukrainian Tatar jazz musician, virtuoso guitarist and composer, People's Artist of Ukraine. His repertoire includes countless pieces of music of different nations and cultures. Enver Izmaylov plays these pieces and improvises using tapping – an original technique in which the fingers of both hands are placed on the guitar’s neck, just like on a keyboard, and the sounds are extracted by either tapping or nipping the strings. In most cases, the left hand plays the theme and the right one plays the bass part or the rhythm. This technique is very organic to Tatar music with its mind-blowing odd rhythms and intricate melismata. When Enver Izmaylov uses his ten-finger technique to draws magical sounds from his unique guitar, it is hard to believe that there is just one person playing on the stage.


VI Knyzhkovyi Arsenal International Festival, a major event in Ukraine which brings together literature and arts, will open on April 20 and will last through April 24, 2016. The book forum promotes the book not only as a product but also as an important part of a broader cultural process. The mission of the festival is to promote reading, to create a relevant, interdisciplinary context around books, to encourage the development of Ukrainian book publishing through international exchange, to support modern intellectual and artistic books, and to demonstrate the relation of literature to other kinds of art – visual arts, cinema and music.

Special program “Qirim” in this year's VI Knyzhkovyi Arsenal International Festival aims to introduce audiences to the cultural life of the Crimean Tatars, to promote dialogue and understanding of the historical fate of the Crimean Tatars. The project includes presentations of books about Crimea and the Crimean Tatars, a display of publications in the Crimean Tatar language, a photo exhibition on the occasion of the release of memoirs of Mustafa Dzhemilev, a leader of the Crimean Tatar national movement, and a cinematic performance featuring Enver Izmaylov, which will serve as an introduction to the special program. To learn more about the project, please visit:


For information about the cost of tickets to the cinematic performance Alim with Enver Izmaylov, which will take place at the Mystetskyi Arsenal on April 20 as part of Knyzhkovyi Arsenal Festival, please follow this link: http://artarsenal.in.ua/uk/knizhkovij-arsenal/vidviduvacham

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