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Film-research Atomopolis. Assembling Utopia premiered on May 8 in Slavutich, within the International Festival of Film and Urbanism 86.

The title was presented by its authors, film experts from Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Centre: Stanislav Menzelevskyi, Anna Onufriyenko, Oleksandr Telyuk, Lyusya Zorya.


"Film-research of utopian Ukrainian towns, atomopolises, perfectly constructed living space for equally perfect people with sincere thoughts and intentions. The voice of Yuriy Makarov thoughtfully and meaningfully accompanies stock footage and newsreels of 1970-1986. The Ukrainian towns of power plant workers seem paradise. The children undoubtedly listen to the adults, and the adults find happiness in work, as there is no better leisure than work.

This is a territory of total, unquestionable, dictatorial happiness. The citizens of atomopolises have no options – no loneliness, no unemployment, no laziness or sadness. The nature is cloudless and the walls are pristine white. Wide shots are characteristic for the cinema of the period. Soviet ideological jokes do not allow for individual happiness. It contradicts the whole structure of the created utopia. As one director put it, Dovzhenko National Centre got tired of drawing sketches on the subject and decided to make a movie instead. The film uses the music of a new wave / deep ambient band Nisantashi Primary School, which rocks the atomohouses with its deep basses and almost makes it possible to knock on every door to explore the obedient environment."

Anastasia Markovska, Moviegram


For more information about the film Atomopolis. Assembling Utopia, follow this link: http://www.dovzhenkocentre.org/event/184/


The project was a collaboration of Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Centre and the Festival of Film and Urbanism 86.


Photo by International Festival of Film and Urbanism 86

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