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In early 2016, the specialists of the laboratory at the facilities of Dovzhenko Centre Film Archive started working on an important order from the Ukrainian Film State Agency for processing, updating and completing the National Film Archive.


Dovzhenko Centre Film Archive stores sets of raw materials for all the movies that were once transferred to the Film Archive and consist of sound and picture negatives, a reference positive copy and one or two release prints used by Dovzhenko Centre for screenings (as a rule, the reference copy is not provided). The Film Archive’s specialists carried out thorough preparatory work, including audit and analysis of the entire Film Archive, which determined that not all the sets are complete. Some of them were missing a positive (reference) or a release copy or, if available, both had lost in quality in the 30-40 years of storage.


Fulfillment of this government order by the Film Archive suggests additional production of positive prints: reference and release copies for some movies or only release ones for others, which will enable Dovzhenko Centre to improve availability of a great number of films from the National Film Archive. Naturally, if these movies were stored previously only on negative prints, it was impossible to see them. The situation is about to change!


Over this period, 123 titles (157 film prints) out of 136 (175 film prints) have been processed and printed under this government order.


The work continues.


Dovzhenko Centre Film Archive has the only state film copying laboratory in Ukraine, which employs highly qualified professionals with extensive experience. The company has 60 years of experience in processing film prints that dates back to Kyiv Film Printing Factory. The facilities of the latter were used for making the first colour films in the Soviet Union, Hrunya Kurnakova and Mikado Palace, as well as for production of panoramic and wide-screen copies for many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

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