27.09.2016 — 27.09.2016

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On September 27 Dovzhenko Centre will host the only concert of BRASSOLOGY, a project which is made up of Arkady Shilkloper (Germany, French horn, alphorn) and Jon Sass (USA, tuba) and is unique for the history of jazz.


Arkady Shilkloper is one of the world’s best French horn players, and his brilliant improvisations on the alphorn convince the audience it is a truly jazz instrument. Shilkloper is known as a musician who has managed to change the attitude towards the instruments which usually get auxiliary, secondary parts in orchestras. Before BRASSOLOGY, Shilkloper was at different times a member of numerous musical projects, among which are Moscow Art Trio, Pago Libre, Mauve, etc.


Jon Sass is an extraordinary American tuba player, who manages to get exquisite solo parts out of this rather unwieldy instrument. The virtuoso musician feels equally at ease in all music styles: from jazz to classical, from blues to rock. The two musicians met in Vienna Art Orchestra. Together they created a sort of a miniature Big Band, or a contemporary interpretation of a Marching Band.


Within BRASSOLOGY, Shilkloper and Sass are going to prove that the French horn and the tuba are the instruments that are made for each other, and that when they are together, they create rich, exciting, inspiring music. “Everything they get from their instruments – soft melodies and viscous groove-lines, special effects and sounds – all of it is really breathtaking”, this is how Odilo Clausnitzer, a well-known German radio journalist, characterized their music.


The concert starts at 20:00

on the 5th floor of Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Centre (1 Vasylkivska St., Holosiivska Metro Station).


Ticket Price: 180-300 UAH


Partner of the project – the US Embassy in Ukraine.


Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Centre is a state archive of feature films storing over 4,600 titles. It is the only associate member of the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF) in Ukraine.

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