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On Friday, October 28, Dovzhenko Centre will hold a screening of the restored film Arrest Warrant (1926) from Heorhii Tasin to a live accompaniment of the original alternative band Vagonovozhatyie


The cinematic performance will be held as part of the 46th Molodist International Film Festival and the fall season of the educational program KULTURFILM: Femme Mute, exploring representation of a woman in Ukrainian silent cinema.  


KULTURFILM is Dovzhenko Centre’s educational program of lectures on cinema, whose format is beyond the academic cinema education. The project considers cinema in its social, cultural and historical dimensions. This interdisciplinary initiative combines cinephile experience with analytical – thematic retrospectives of films with their critical analysis in the form of lectures by Ukrainian and foreign cinema experts, historians, philosophers and culture scholars.


The Femme Mute series analyzes the view of a woman and the changes in it in the Ukrainian cinema of the 1920s – early 1930s and examines the attitude towards gender distribution in the society. It is revealing that the films made in the early 20th century raise problems that still have not been fully resolved. Has the “women’s view” of a woman been established in the visual media, has she received her own voice in cinema and in the society more than 120 years after the first appearance of a woman on the screen?


The project KULTUREFILM: Femme Mute is supported by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung in Ukraine. 


Facebook-event: www.facebook.com/events/1033606263424264/  

Beginning of the performance: 19:00

Admission is free of charge 


October 28, 19:00

ARREST WARRANT                                                        

1926, UkrSSR, VUFKU (Yalta), 84 min.

Director: Heorhii Tasin

Written by: Solomon Lazurin

Cinematographer: Albert Kiun

Production Designer: Volodymyr Balliuzek

Starring:  Vira Varetska, Khairi Emir-Zade, Alik Lihovetskyi, Nikolai Kutuzov, Nikolai Panov, Shorokhova


The Read Army leaves the city. Chairman of the Revolutionary Committee Serhii Karhalskyi asks his wife Nadia to stay and hide a secret package with documents. As soon as the White Army enters the city, they come to search Nadia’s apartment.

Even though they do not find the package, Nadia gets arrested. A “white” counterintelligence officer holds a lengthy interrogation with her in their headquarters. Nadia resolves to say nothing and does her best not to reveal the location of the package despite the blackmail and threats to her son, her husband and even her sanity.


Arrest Warrant is the first Soviet Ukrainian film that thematizes the traditional silence of the woman. Nadia is forced to speak yet thanks to her ability to keep silent she manages to resist the rational world of men and war.


The interrogation of Nadiia Karhalska basically turns into a Soviet version of the trial from The Passion of Joan of Arc, which Carl Theodor Dreyer will make two years after Tasin’s film. As a result, despite its aura of entertainment using cloak-and-dagger transformations, psychological torture and the romance of revolutionary committees, Arrest Warrant is at the same time a reflection on the emancipation of women and their role in the historical and social processes of civil wars.


VAGONOVOZHATYIE (TRAM DRIVERS) is an experienced group of tram depot workers who once happened to find in a tram a sampler and a microphone left by a passenger. They already had a guitar and a set of drums. Since then they have hardly ever been seen in the maintenance bay. They make music, record and travel. They are advocates of electronic ecology.


The Ukrainian music band was formed in 2013 by the frontman of Dnipropetrovsk band I Drug Moi Gruzovik (My Friend the Truck) Anton Slepakov and guitarist Valentyn Paniuta, a former member of the band Liuk.


The musicians played at festivals Atlas Weekend, Jazz Koktebel, Respublika Fest, Mirium Music Festival and others. Genres: electronic rock, IDM, spoken word. Band members: Anton Slepakov, Valentyn Paniuta, Stanislav Ivashchenko.


KULTURFILM: Femme Mute program for October – November 2016:

October 17, 18:30 

Lecture: A Right to a Woman – a Right to a Paranja

Speakers: Maryna Voronina and Olha Labur

Screening: A Right to a Woman (1930), dir. Oleksii Kapler

Music: Dmytro Prutkin (DJ-set)


October 28, 19:00

Screening: Arrest Warrant (1926), dir. Heorhii Tasin

Music: Vagonovozhatyie (live)


November 3, 18:30

Lecture: A Happy Performative Marriage of Communism and Feminism in the USSR

Speaker: Iryna Zherebkina 

Screening: Dzhalma (1928), dir. Arnold Kordium

Music: Hanna Bryzhata

November 12, 18:30 

Lecture: Body Language of Movie Stars Before and After 1917

Speaker: Oksana Bulhakova

Further lectures and screenings are planned as part of this project; please follow the updates on Dovzhenko Centre’s site: http://www.dovzhenkocentre.org/

Accreditation of media representatives: pr@dovzhenkocentre.org


Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Centre is a state archive of feature films storing over 5,000 titles. It is the only associate member of the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF) in Ukraine.

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