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Restored version of the film Viber on big screen (1965)

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On October 24, 2012, the Blue Hall of Kyiv Film Theater in Kyiv will host a screening of the restored version of the film Viper (aka Gadyuka, 1965) by Victor Ivchenko, one of the best works of the famous Ukrainian director.


The film is an adaptation of the novel Gadyuka by the Soviet Russian writer Aleksei Tolstoy featuring the talented actress Ninel Myshkova (also Ivchenko’s biggest love) as the female lead.


Gadyuka was released in November 1965; in 1966 it was watched by over 34 million viewers around the USSR, making it the seventh among the highest-grossing films in USSR.


In 2012, 2K Digital restoration of the film was implemented by the National Dovzhenko Film Studios as part of the state restoration program financed by the State Film Agency of Ukraine.



A story about the overwhelming adventures of a merchant’s daughter during and after the 1917 –1922 Soviet Civil War. After her father’s house was born, Olha Zotova entered a Red Army cavalry squadron, where she fought heroically under the platonic protection of the squadron commander. Yet, the end of the war became only the start of her hardship, since she appeared unable to adapt to civilian life of the NEP years. Olha found herself lonely and surrounded by hypocritical and mercenary philistines, who tried to humiliate their colleague and neighbor, whom they called “the viper”. The new unrequited love to her boss, who already fell for the bourgeois charm of Olha’s main hater Lyalechka, leads to a tragic culmination.


Gadyuka deals with gender and sexuality, vulgarly suppressed and perverted by fillisters, with the maximum honesty possible at the times of Khrushchev Thaw. That resulted in the fact that the film, pessimistically exploring the failed birth of a new Soviet man and moral, was praised by the domestic audiences.


Viper is an esthetic film, one of the best roles played by the talented beauty Ninel Myshkova. It also features prominent young actors, who later became stars of Ukrainian poetic cinema - Ivan Mykolaychuk and Raisa Nedashkivska.


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