Ukrainian Film Corner has begun functioning at BERLINALE 2015

From the 5th and until the 13th of February, a Ukrainian national stand will function at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival as part of the European film market. The "Ukrainian Film Corner" was jointly organized by the National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre with financial support by The Ihor Yankovskyi Ukrainian Charity Foundation "Initiatives for the future", as well as support from the "Molodist" Film Festival and Ukrainian State Film Agency.

The “Ukrainian Film Corner” stand, #116, is located on the second floor of the Marriot Hotel and will function as a platform for international meetings and negotiations, giving producers, distributors and representatives of film festivals the opportunity to meet with foreign partners and present their projects.

During the whole functioning period of the stand, consultations regarding the latest modern ukrainian films will be given. Presentations of features, documentaries, animation and shorts film are planned. 

Representatives of international companies will be able to receive a copy of the "Ukrainian Film Catalogue for 2014/2015", which will be freely available along with other printed materials at the stand. The electronic version of the catalogue can be downloaded following this link: http://www.dovzhenkocentre.org/downloads

Events to be held at the Ukrainian stand:

6th of February — presentation of feature films

    “Brothers”, Ukraine /2014/ 120 min., director: Viktoria Trofimenko, producers: Maksym Asadchyi, Ihor Savychenko, Viktoria Trofimenko

    “The Guide”, Ukraine /2014/ 120 min., director: Oles Sanin, producers: Maksym Asadchyi, Ihor Savychenko 

    “The Golden Fly's Flight", Ukraine /2014 / 135 min., director: Ivan Kravchyshyn, producer: Ivan Kravchyshyn 

    “Road to the west” Ukraine / 2014/ 56 min., director: Dmytro Zakharevych, producer: Dmytro Zakharevych 

    “Once upon a time in Ukraine” Ukraine /2014/ 100 min., director: Ihor Parfionov, producer: Ihor Parfionov

    “The Deadly Alive” Ukraine /2014/ 78 min., director: Maksym Stetskov, producers: Maksym Stetskov, Illia Svidler 

    “Z-Joke”, Ukraine, the United Kingdom /2014/ 97 min., director: Oleksii Zalevskyi, producers: Oleksii Zalevskyi, Anna Ivanova, Tama Tevzadze, Vladlena Dovzhenko 

8th of February — Maidan. ATO Zone. Documentary films

    “Nasha Nadiya”, Ukraine /2014/ 45 min., director: Volodymyr Tykhyy, producers: Anna Palenchuk, Mariia Govorukha, Mykola Konopelko

    “Stronger than Arms”, Ukraine /2014/ 78 min., directors: Volodymyr Tykhyy, Iulia Hontaruk, Roman Lyubyi and others, producers: Volodymyr Tykhyy, Denis Vorontsov, Ihor Savychenko 

    “Aerodrome”, Ukraine /2015/ 24 min., director: Yegor Troianovskyi, producer: Olha Beskhmelnitsyna 

    “#Babylon'13” almanac, Ukraine /2014/ 144 min., directors: Volodymyr Tykhyy, Iulia Hontaruk, Roman Lyubyi, Kristian Zheregi, Dmytro Sukholytkyi-Sobchuk, producers: Volodymyr Tykhyy, Denys Vorontsov, Ihor Savyhenko 

    “War at own cost” Ukraine /2014/ 32 min., director Leonid Kanter, Ivan Iasnyi, producers: Leonid Kanter, Ivan Iasnyi 

    “Ukrainian Argument”, Ukraine /2014/ 59 min., director: Serhii Masloboischykov, producers: Svitlana Zinovieva, Serhii Masloboischykov 

10th of February — presentation of animation films

    “Babii” Ukraine /2014/ 70 min., director: Maryna Medvid, producer: Eduard Akhramovych 

    “Swan” Ukraine /2014/ 4 min., director: Sashko Danylenko, producer: Kateryna Zabavko

    “Attraction” Ukraine /2015/ 8 min., diector: Oleh Pedan, producer: Eduard Akhramovych

    “The adventures of Kotyhoroshko and his friends", Ukraine / 2014 / 70 mins., director: Iaroslava Rudenko-Shvedova, producer: Eduard Akhramovych 

    “Khalabudka” Ukraine / 2014 / 8 min., director: Manouk Depoian, producer: Eduard Akhramovych 

The National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre will present restored film classic of Ukrainian cinema as part of it's own presentations. Visitors of the market will be able to find out in detail about the unique project of musical-cinema performances within the Circle of Dziga that unites the best ukrainian mute films of the 1920's with modern music accompanients, specially created for the project. 

The 65th Berlin international film festival will take place during the 5-15th of February. Among the films in the competition programme is Oleksii Herman jr. "Under the Electric Clouds", a co-production between Ukraine, Russia and Poland. This film is a nominee of the 1st competition pool of cinema projects to be part of the "Program of production and distribution of national films" of the Ukrainian State Film Agency.

A participant of the offical program of the 12th "Berlinale co-production market" is "Luxemborg", a film by director Myroslav Slaboshpytskyi, the winner of the 7th competition pool part of the "Program of production and distribution of national films for 2014-2015" of the Ukrainian State Film Agency. The «Berline co-production market" is held as part of the 65th Berlin Film Festival during the 8-10th of February.

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