On April 1st, the team of the National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre presented a concept for development and a project for the creation of a cultural cluster at the Centre.

The event gathered over 100 people, among which were specialists of the cultural sphere, film industry experts, representatives of government, activists and journalists. The latter had the opportunity to tour the Centre's grounds and facilities, which will be reimagined and transformed in the near future, thanks to new partners, renters and proposals from the community.
The presentation was attended by the director of the international "Molodist" film festival, Andrii Khalpakhchi, acting General Director of the Dovzhenko Centre (2010-2011) Hanna Chmil, artist Oleksandr Roitburd, co-founder of UkrainianFashionWeek Iryna Danykevska, art manager Kateryna Taylor, ukrainian designer Nataliia Kamenska and others.
Ivan Kozlenko, General Director of the National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre:

«Our goal is for all аvailable areas to be occupied. Our new Centre is a revision of cinematographic experience, a new way of working with symbols and meaning and development of a fresh look at the history of cinema and history in general. We strive to implement transparency, impartiality and openness, making our records publicly accessible. We aim to transform an industrial space into a cultural one through the creation of an art-cluster and revitilization of available territory. We wish to create an experimental platform that will combine innovative features and practices in the cultural sphere."
Andrii Brazhnyk, volunteer architect: "Towards the end of April we are planning to work on the inner courtyard - to organize a green square and a children's playground. We want to color the asphalt in that area and we plan to invite local dwellers to participate in this event. On the stairs near the entrance we will organize mobile seating and install benches nearby."

The development concept can be viewed and downloaded followіng this link: http://goo.gl/VNkHsh

Proposals for partnerships can be addressed to: Ivanna Lesyk, Head of marketing department, i.lesyk@dovzhenkocentre.org, cell: +380504442141

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