Dovzhenko’s Arsenal with Guy Bartell’ s soundtrack will be screening in UK

Sunday 13th September at 6.30pm Oleksand Dovzhenko’s Arsenal will be screening at The 18th British Silent Film Festival. This screening will be the British premiere of a brilliant new score by Bronnt Industries Kapital for the Ukrainian classic Arsenal (1929).


The Ukrainian premiere of this soundtrack was 2nd April 2015 in Kyiv at the opening of Book Arsenal as a part of Dzyga's Circle – a cycle of music-performances with screenings of the best Ukrainian silent films.


Bronnt Industries Kapital is a musical project from Bristol, England based around producer and multi-instrumentalist Guy Bartell. Their previous soundtracks include the cult Swedish silent film Häxan, and the Soviet documentary Turksib, commissioned and released by the British Film Institute.


The second film of Ukrainian director, Dovzhenko trilogy is set in the bleak aftermath of WWI and during the 1918 Russian Civil War. Timosh, a demobbed soldier, survives a devastating train crash on his return home from the War to find that Ukrainian freedom is being prematurely celebrated. Timosh becomes increasingly disenfranchised with the governance of the munitions factory in which he works and calls for the adoption of the new Soviet Collectivism. Dovzhenko was commissioned by Stalin to make Arsenal in order to win the Ukrainian people over to the Soviet cause. The film’s ultimate failure to do so, is possibly a reflection of Dovzhenko’s own divided loyalties.


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