Lecture from Olga Bryukhovetska in Dovzhenko-Centre

4 september 2015, Lecture "Beyond “ethnographism”: optical unconscious of film Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" from Olga Bryukhovetska in Dovzhenko-Centre.


Olha Bryukhovetska, theorist of film and visual culture, PhD, senior lecturer at the Cultural studies department at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Graduated from philosophy faculty of Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University and Cultural studies master program at the NaUKMA, her PhD thesis is dedicated to psychoanalytic film theory. Currently she is conducting a research on Parajanov's Ukrainian films in the context of post-Stalinist visual culture.


Beyond “ethnographism”: optical unconscious of film Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors.


The question arises after 50 years of release of the most important Ukrainian film of the second half of 20th century: is there something more in it which we haven't seen? Doesn't the status of classical piece lead to a certain blindness in its regard? A venture to go beyond the master narrative of “ethnographism”, whatever is our assessment of it, positive or negative, allows to see something new in the film. Parajanov himself appealed to this, once claiming: “There is no exoticism in the film whatsoever. And in order to ascertain it you have to watch the film at least six times.” Exactly such a close study of the filmic text helps to reveal what lays beyond the upper, the most obvious layer of ethnographic exoticism. So we will try to put the film on a psychoanalytic coach and reach its unconscious.


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