On January 21, international tour SEE UKRAINE: DOCUDAYS UA ON TOUR starts in Paris. The events of the festival will be held in La Filmothèque du Quartier Latin cinema and in the art space of Jour et Nuit Culture association. SEE UKRAINE: DOCUDAYS UA ON TOUR is a cultural diplomatic project realized by Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.


From January to August, 2016, SEE UKRAINE: DOCUDAYS UA ON TOUR project will visit five European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Greece. The program of the festival includes screenings of documentaries, photo exhibitions, meetings with Ukrainian film-makers, as well as lectures and discussions with participation of public and human rights activists, who will help the viewers to understand the events shown in the films and will provide more information about what has been happening in the country. 


The French program will last nearly a month and will present six Ukrainian documentaries shown within Docudays UA in different years. The years of production of these films span over almost a century, which makes it possible to see the country at different angles and from different cultural and historical perspectives.


Among these films are winners of international film festivals which have recently made Ukrainian documentary films known to the world:  Living Fire (2014) by Ostap Kostyuk and Life Span of the Object in Frame (2012) by Oleksandr Balahura, as well as documentary project Euromaidan. Rough Cut (2014), which depicts the first three months of the Revolution and became the first film-testimony of awakening dignity of the Ukrainians.


The screening program also includes a classical piece – the black and white silent film The Eleventh Year (1928) by Dziga Vertov about the 1920s, the times of building socialism in the Ukrainian SSR and of industrialization, the times when the younger generation of artists was enthusiastically creating the new mythology and working for the Soviet propaganda. 


The screening of the film will be accompanied by live music performed by pianist Sofia Turta and composer Anton Baibakov, who wrote the original soundtrack specifically for The Eleventh Year as part of the KOLO DZIGI project – a series of musical cinematic performances started by Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre.


Two films made by one of the first independent Ukrainian documentary film-makers Serhiy Bukovskyi, Tomorrow Is a Holiday (1987) and Ukraine: When the Countdown Began (2011), are about the country during perestroika and the first years of Ukraine’s recent history.


During the screenings there will also be meetings and discussions of the films with film directors Serhiy Bukovskyi, Oleksandr Balahura and producer Yulia Serdyukova.


Further information can be found on the project’s web-sites: www.seeukraine.org, www.docudays.org.ua


Based on the materials provided by Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Press Service.

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