Dovzhenko Centre Library Collection

Dovzhenko Centre makes public its library collection and invites all those making research into the Ukrainian cinema to use this base of cinematographic titles in their work.


The National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre stores in its archives several thousand feature and documentary films, as well as a large number of other items connected with the history of the Ukrainian cinema.


Our archive includes, among others, a library collection featuring over two thousand titles of books on the history of the Ukrainian and Soviet cinema, periodicals about cinema and culture, catalogs and brochures of film festivals, etc.


To see and download the Dovzhenko Centre Library Collection Catalog as a .pdf-file, follow this link: http://www.dovzhenkocentre.org/storage/downloads/biblio_fund_dc.pdf


In the future, we plan to create a user-friendly electronic base for this and other collections of the Dovzhenko Centre archive. And in the nearest future, some new, contemporary titles will be added to the Dovzhenko Centre Library Collection, of which we will inform you with a special post on our site. 


Researchers into the Ukrainian cinema wishing to take advantage of the Dovzhenko Centre Library Collection can register for a visit to the Centre by sending an email to info.dc@dovzhenkocentre.org or by calling (044) 201 65 74 (ask for Reasearch and Programming Department). 


The address of Dovzhenko Centre is Kyiv, 1 Vasylkivska St.


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