Report of Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Centre on New Acquisitions in 2015

Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Centre stores the largest collection of feature, documentary and animated films in Ukraine. Every year the Center’s archive adds new titles, which come from different sources, on different media and in different formats. Although no large collections have been passed to Dovzhenko Center this year, there have been a number of interesting and valuable acquisitions which let us add some unique films to our archive. Besides, films that have been given to the Center over the recent years are now being actively processed, registered and studied. So, Dovzhenko Center Film Archive has recently been updated and made public and is now available to the general public on our web-site at the following link: http://www.dovzhenkocentre.org/storage/base/flmofond_centru.pdf


99 films were added to Dovzhenko Center Film Archive in 2015, 10 of them on film, 89 – on digital media. The films came from the following sources:

  • 38 – from individuals and institutions (10 film, 28 digital);
  • 11 of his own films (digital) were given by well-known documentary film-director Anatoliy Syrykh;
  • 6 titles on film, 7 on digital media came from documentary film-director of Kyivnaukfilm, brother-in-arms of Feliks Sobolev, Viktor Olender;
  • 7 films (digital) were given to the Center by Slovak Film Institute;
  • 4 titles on film, 3 on digital media were given to the Center by Canadian collector Borys Zayachkivskyi. Those are rare films, made by the efforts of the North American diaspora, in particular by the “Plast Film School”.

11 films (digital) were given to the Center under the Production and Distribution Program of the Ukrainian Film State Agency (DerzhKino) for 2015. Among them are 4 feature-length films, 2 shorts, 3 documentaries and 2 animated movies. The titles include Silver Bear winner Under Electric Clouds (dir. Aleksey German Jr.), controversial Russian-Ukrainian film Unbroken (dir. Serhiy Mokrytskyi), romantic comedy Now I’m Gonna Love You (dir. Roman Shyrman), all made with support from the Ukrainian Film State Agency. Animated films include short film Attraction (dir. Oleh Pedan) and brand-new 10-episode-long animated series by Stepan Koval Professionals, which introduces children to different jobs.


A particularly important addition made this year is Serhiy Paradzhanov’s Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, which has been remastered with support from DerzhKino. In 2015, the 50th anniversary of its premiere was celebrated. In 1965 this film became the first dissident demonstration in the post-war USSR. This legendary film was screened in many cities of Ukraine. 


While program Ukraine on Fire for Odessa Film Festival was being prepared, 2 more films entered Dovzhenko Center Film Archive: Bukovyna – a Ukrainian Land (dir. О. Dovzhenko, Yu. Solntseva) and Odessa (dir. Zh. Lods), which the Center bought on digital media from other archives.


Film An Unprecedented Campaign (dir. Mikhail Kaufman, 1931) was bought by Dovzhenko Center for the Kolo Dzygy project, for making a musical accompaniment and for further demonstration of the film at festivals. The title, to the live accompaniment of British band Test Dept, will premiere in London this March.


Apart from the abovementioned films, films that were given to the Center before, in 2015 were processed, supplied with technical specifications and entered into the base:

  • 873 titles (film) from the archive of American science documentaries, given to Dovzhenko Center by Kyiv-Mohyla Academy;  
  • 26 titles (film) from the archive of Mariupol Regional Film Distribution Fund, passed to Dovzhenko Center in 2013.



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Програма виробництва 2015



Individual contributors

Anatoliy Syrykh, Viktor Olender, Borys Zayachkivskyi, Slovak Film Insitute



Dovzhenko Center

Copied/bought for Ukraine on Fire and Kolo Dzyhy projects



Dovzhenko Center

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