To mark the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear accident, several films on this subject have been put on the platform DAFilms CZ, within the VAŠE ONLINE DOKUMENTÁRNÍ KINO project, for public access, and can be watched free of charge through May 1. Dovzhenko Centre submitted to the platform the film Mi-cro-phone! (1988) directed by Heorhiy Shklyarevskyi, which won a FIPRESCI award in 1989 in Oberhausen, Germany, and the Grand Prize at Filmfest Freiburg in 1990. 

1988, UkrSSR, Ukrkinokhronika Studio 
20 min
Directed by Heorhiy Shklyarevskyi

The film was made after the Chernobyl disaster, the nuclear accident that immediately became not only an environmental but also a geopolitical event as significant as the demolition of the Berlin Wall. Chernobyl came to symbolize inefficiency of the Soviet socialist rule and may have catalyzed the crisis of the Soviet system. Soviet policies were aimed at concealing or distorting even minimal information about the accident. The pathos of the search for truth becomes crucial for the Chernobyl discourse.


On the one hand, Mi-cro-phone!, released two years after the accident, is a classic Perestroika movie focusing on the search for truth. The microphone itself is a metaphor for Perestroika, media democratization and glasnost, when seemingly every Soviet citizen acquired the right to speak for him- or herself.


On the other hand, the film avoids the epic dimension typical for many Chernobyl films and functions rather on the micro level. This shift to micro-history is reflected already in the film’s title: micro (radiation) and phone (meaning ‘background’ in Ukrainian) refers to small doses of radiation. It is this close attention to details that allows Shklyarevskyi to create a dramatic and sincere film winning several international awards, such as the International Federation of Film Critics Award, Oberhausen (1989) and the Grand Prize at Freiburg Film Festival (1990).


To watch Mi-cro-phone! online, please follow this link: http://dafilms.com/film/9829-mi-kro-fon/

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