On May 19, at 19:00, the restored masterpiece by Ukrainian film director Dziga Vertov THE ELEVENTH YEAR (1928), which is part of KOLO DZIGI series of cinematic performances initiated by Dovzhenko Centre, will be screened in the building of Jeżyckie Centrum Kultury (Jackowskiego 5-7, Poznań), within the Donbas – Reconstruction of Memory exhibition  at the annual festival Ukrainian Spring. The silent film will be accompanied by the soundtrack written specifically for this movie by Ukrainian composer Anton Baibakov. The film will be presented by Stanislav Menzelevskyi, Head of Research and Programming Department at Dovzhenko Centre.


The page of the event on the site of the festival: http://poznajsasiada.org/events/9


The Eleventh Year (1928) is the first of the three avant-garde films made by Dziga Vertov in Ukraine. The eleventh year of Socialist rule is the time of industrialization, construction of Dnieper Hydroelectric Station and other industrial giants. The director deliberately chose not to use a round anniversary in order to avoid unnecessary hype and official celebrations. The camera focuses only on the most important thing – on work, on tireless construction of a new, Socialist reality in Ukraine. 


The Eleventh Year was restored using the facilities of Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Centre at the end of 2012. The new, contemporary soundtrack for the film was written by Ukrainian composer Anton Baibakov, indie performer and sound engineer for cinema, winner of multiple prestigious international awards for his soundtracks to classical and modern movies.


The musical cinematic performance of The Eleventh Year feat Anton Baibakov premiered on March 27, 2012, at the closing of the Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, becoming a new achievement in the KOLO DZIGI series of musical cinematic performances initiated by Dovzhenko Centre and presenting premiere screenings of restored Ukrainian silent films to the accompaniment of live contemporary music. 


The two-week Ukrainian Spring festival kicks off on May 14 in Poznan (Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland). Today, it is believed to be the most powerful festival of the Ukrainian culture in Poland. Each year, the festival gives the Poles an opportunity to get acquainted with the Ukrainian culture in all its diversity: both with the latest trends prevailing in the cultural space of Ukraine and with joint Ukrainian-Polish creative projects. The Ukrainian Spring festivals have been running since 2008. Initiator: Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Poznan Lucasz Horowski.


Program of the Festival:

May 14, 15:00, Beautiful Chernobyl – Horrible Chernobyl: presentation of the comics Chernobyl. Zone and opening of the exhibition Beautiful Chernobyl. Republika Tłusta Langusta

May 15, 15:00, film Live Fire, dir. Ostap Kostyuk. The Muza cinema

May 15, 19:00, concert of Slavist Choir Choryllisch. Evangelical Methodist Church

May 16, 18:00, film Brothers. The Final Confession, meeting with director Viktoria Trofimenko.

The Muza cinema


May 17, 15:00, discussion Traveling Against the Mainstream: meeting with blogger, activist and traveler Bohdan Logvynenko. The Orle Gniazdo culture center

May 17, 18:00, discussion Dignity after the Revolution – Andriy Bondar, Pyotr Pogozhelski, Marta Studenna-Skrukwa. The Institute of European Culture (Gniezno)

May 17, 18:00, discussion Displaced/Dispersed – Vitaliy Shuplyak, Prof. Jacek Kotus, Bohdan Logvynenko, Olya Mykhailyuk. Meskalina

May 17, 20:00, concert: Make Like a Tree – Serhiy Onyshchenko. Meskalina

May 18, 19:30, concert: Joryj Kłoc. Kontener Art

May 19, 19:00, opening of the exhibition Donbas – Reconstruction of Memory. Screening of the film The Eleventh Year (1928), Jeżyckie Centrum Kultury

May 19, 20:00, concert: Olha and Natalia Pasichnyk. Town Hall in Leszno


May 20, 16:00, opening of the exhibition: Oksana Tsyupa My Jewish Luck, Poznan Politechnika

May 20, 20:00, concert: Olha and Natalia Pasichnyk. Palace in Trzebosz

May 20, 20:00, concert: Myroslava Kotorovych, Ihor Sayenko. Centre of the Cossack culture in Chojna

May 21, 9:30-18:00, Ukrainian fair: Girls Base Runs – a Run for Ukraine, master classes (Cyrillic writing, paper decorations, greeting cards), Spring Puzzles, screening of the film Free People, demonstration of Cossack wrestling

May 21, 20:00, concert: Myroslava Kotorovych, Ihor Sayenko. Waga Miejska

May 22, 11:30, opening of the exhibition: Oleh Shuplyak. Greek Catholic Church in Poznan

May 22, 17:00, concert: E-Phasis and Natalia Serbina. Waga Miejska

May 23, 19:00, play Labirynth, dir. Andrzej Szczytko. New Stage of ZAMEK Culture Centre


Facebook-page of the festival: https://www.facebook.com/ukrainska.wiosna

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