From 5 to 13 of August, films Earth (1930) by O. Dovzhenko, In Spring (1929) by M. Kaufman, Bread (1929) by M. Shpykovskyi will be shown within International Documentary and Short Film Festival – Dokufest, held in the city of Prizren.


The films will be shown to modern music scores created as part of the KOLO DZYGY project.


Earth (1930) by O. Dovzhenko, recognized as a masterpiece of world cinema, was banned in Ukraine 9 days after its release and glorified only after Dovzhenko’s death, bringing forth a great number of controversial interpretations. Filled with lyrical pantheism combined with utopian exaltation, it demonstrated the ambiguity of the Ukrainian civilization choice of the 1920s.


The new score for Earth was written by Ukrainian ethno-chaos band DakhaBrakha.


In Spring is a non-fiction film made by Mikhail Kaufman, Dzyga Vertov’s brother and co-author, along the lines of the avant-gardist theory of “cine-eye”. The film shows Kyiv in 1929, almost unknown today. In In Spring, Kaufman used the method of “hidden camera” for the first time. The soundtrack to the film was written by contemporary composer Oleksandr Kokhanovskyi, who also created music to a series of experimental theatrical productions, movies, art performances and other artistic events.


Bread (1929) is an unknown masterpiece of Ukrainian avant-garde cinema, an agitprop film. Rediscovered and restored by Dovzhenko Centre researchers, Bread is probably the greatest cinematic discovery of the 2000-s. The movie’s epic language is especially laconic, as a result of which scenes of everyday life acquire a symbolic meaning. A specific distinction of this film is the unsurpassed camera work and innovative editing which integrates the intertitles into the semantics of the screen images. The soundtrack to the film was made by Belarusian instrumental trio Port Mone, whose meditative music ideally matches the epic Bread.


KOLO DZYGY is a series of musical cinematic performances initiated by Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Centre to mark the 90th anniversary of VUFKU (All-Ukrainian Photo and Cinema Administration) and aimed at popularization of the Ukrainian avant-garde films of the 1920s.


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