On October 7, at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, film expert of Dovzhenko Centre Anna Onufriienko will present the program Multagitprop: MALEVYCH AND A SEARCH FOR A FILM FORM.

The screenings will be part of the international conference Kazymyr Malevych: the Kyiv Dimension, which will take place from 6 to 9 October, 2016, on the premises of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (20 Voznesenskyi Uzviz).

The Multagitprop program features “cartoon posters”, satire shorts and movie trailers of 1927-1930. Often anonymous, they survived as part of newsreels periodical Kinotyzhden VUFKU (VUFKU Film Week), whose episodes used to precede the main feature film in cinemas.

Under the influence of constructivism, the early Ukrainian avant-garde cartoons of the 1920s became the grounds not only for artistic, but also for technological experiments.

In his articles on cinema, Malevych analyzes experiments and search for a new visual language in the works of the filmmakers of his time, particularly in films by Dzyga Vertov.

Thus, the early VUFKU animation gives an idea of the new forms and the new sensations that Malevych writes about, and contrasts the language of conventional propaganda films against such “abstract” experiments that were ventured by the artists of the trailer to the film The Eleventh Year, which is also part of the collection.

In addition to the Multagitprop program, the event will also feature the first public display of Kiev archives of Kazymyr Malevych from the collections of the National Art Museum of Ukraine and of the Kropyvnytskys family, the exhibition Avant-garde Embroidery, a presentation of the documentary film Malevych Square, as well as a concert of Sed Contra Ensemble Bianco Su Bianco / White On White.

Among the conference participants are the most famous scholars of Kazymyr Malevych, including art experts from Ukraine, Poland, France and Portugal.

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