On Friday, October 7, at 16:30, as part of the festival of science fiction LiTerraCon, film expert of Dovzhenko Centre Anna Onufriienko, together with the daughter of famous Ukrainian sci-fi writer Oles Berdnyk – Hromovytsia Berdnyk – will present the film A Dream Come True (1963) directed by Mykhailo Kariukov and Otar Koberidze.

The film is based on the novel The Heart of the Universe by Oles Berdnyk, who was one of the founders of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group.

The 60-s were the heyday of Soviet science fiction after the 30-s-50-s, disastrous for the genre in the USSR, when Socialist Realism almost completely replaced all other manifestations of the utopian in the cinema. The film A Dream Come True is significantly different from the Hollywood representatives of the genre, not only because it was made on the other side of the barricades in the midst of the Cold War, but also because of its search of form.

The measured rhythm and the omnipresent off-screen voice refer the viewer to the format of scientific film, which had become the alter ego of Soviet science fiction of the period. A rather simple plot is realized using extremely powerful artistic means.

The futuristic movie set was created by Yurii Shvets, production designer of the first Soviet sci fi film Space Flight (1934).

Besides, this film was the first one in the history of Soviet cinema featuring electronic music, which the old school composer Vano Muradeli invited the young experimental composer Eduard Artiemiev to write. The future author of the scores for Tarkovskyi’s Solaris and Stalker used an ANS synthesizer to create the “space” part of the soundtrack, which became his first work in the cinema.

In the near future humans establish contact with intelligent beings from planet Centurion. An alien spaceship sets off on a journey towards Earth, but, due to unknown circumstances, it is forced to make an emergency stop on Mars. Spaceship Ocean is sent on a rescue mission. In anticipation of a meeting with the unknown, the main characters wonder what the aliens’ intentions are, whether they will be able to come to understand each other, what their motives were for this journey - a hunger for knowledge or colonialist ambitions.

III International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature LiTerraCon will take place in Kiev from 7 to 9 October, 2016. This year's sci-fi festival is hosted by Cultprostir Hub, which is located by the Museum of History of Kyiv (7 Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Street, next to Teatralna Metro Station).

More information about the program at http://li-terra.kiev.ua/uk/festival/fest2016/program-2016/

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