Sunny Bunny 15 - Awards Night

On the night of 28 to 29, October Dovzhenko Centre hosted the 15th awards ceremony for the winners of Sunny Bunny, the official competition program of the Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival, and a party to celebrate the occasion. 

A Sunny Bunny Best Film Award went to the Argentinean film Taekwondo (2016) from directors Marco Berger and Martin Farina. Summertime/La Belle Saison (2015) by director Catherine Corsini / France, Belgium won a Jury Award. 

Ukraine’s major cultural LGBT-event was followed by a grand party. The evening’s headliners were a special guest from Sweden TAMI TAMAKІ and the “electronic artist of the year” Cape Cod feat. Constantine. Also performing at the DJ set were famous composer Anton Baibakov known for his music for the KOLO DZYGY films, radio presenter Vlad Fisun, DJ Denis Vnuk and artist Anatolii Belov with a musical project SLIOZY AMBALA.


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