On 10 and 11 November, 2016, two films from Dovzhenko Centre’s unique project, Kolo Dzygi, Enthusiasm: Symphony of the Donbas and Man with a Movie Camera will be shown in Mariupol.

The screenings are organized by art platform TU at 19 Mytropolytska Street at 19:00.


ENTHUSIASM: Symphony of the Donbas 

Directed by Dzyga Vertov 

Cinematography by Boris Zeitlin 

Assistant Director, Editor: Yelyzaveta Svilova 

Sound Engineer: Petro Shtro 

The film uses music from Symphony №1 by Dmitrii Shostakovich

Produced by UKRAINFILM, 1930 

Restored in 2011 

Subtitles: English 

Enthusiasm (Symphony of the Donbas) is the first Ukrainian sound film. Filmed in 1930 by the world-class master of the cinematic avant-garde Dziga Vertov, it became the first motion picture in which real-life industrial and routine sounds not only illustrated the visual range, but also served to create an independent musical image.

The film, dedicated to the first five-year plan, glorifies industrialization and collectivization, as well as propagandizes for the fight against illiteracy and religion. Enthusiasm was shot during the year when the Ukrainization program was cut down, so the camera of cameraman Boris Zeitlin still captured many indications of Ukrainization in Donbas.

The film, which Charlie Chaplin called one of the most moving sound symphonies, was released in theaters on April 2, 1931, but was soon withdrawn from distribution and forgotten. It was rediscovered only in the 1960s due to the renewed interest to the Soviet avant-garde in the West.

The film was restored using the facilities of the National Dovzhenko Film Studio on commission from the State Film Agency of Ukraine in 2011.

So far I have not known that sounds of mechanisms can be arranged in such a way that they sound beautiful. I think that ‘Enthusiasm’ is one of the most moving symphonies I have ever heard. Mr Dziga Vertov is a musician. Professors should learn from him instead of arguing with him”.

Charlie Chaplin


Man with a Movie Camera, 1929 

UkrSSR, Kyiv Film Studio of VUFKU, 68 min. 

Directed by Dzyga Vertov 

Cinematography by Mykhail Kaufman

Subtitles: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian 

Made in 1929 in Ukraine by two brothers, Dzyga Vertov and Mykhail Kaufman, Man with a Movie Camera is considered to be one of the major manifestos of European avant-garde cinema. 

The film, which uses no actors or sets, talks about the colourful life of major Ukrainian cities – Odesa, Kyiv and Kharkiv – under the New Economic Policy.

In 2010, Entertainment Weekly called Man with a Movie Camera one of the 12 documentary films that changed the world. 

The restored version of the film was re-premiered to the live music accompaniment from DjDerbastler on December 25, 2012 in the Kyiv Planetarium.

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