On Friday, December 2, Dovzhenko Centre will present a selection of milestone Ukrainian films at the opening of the large-scale exhibition Ukrainian Genesis, which was organized by the Museum of Theatre, Music and Cinema Arts of Ukraine.


The main goal of the exhibition is, for the first time in independent Ukraine, to give unbiased presentation of development of Ukrainian cinema and to demonstrate, through milestone films, how Ukrainian cinema formed. 


So, the Centre provided a number of restored Ukrainian films for the exhibition: Two Days (1927) by dir. H. Stabovyi, The Night Cabby (1929) by dir. H. Tasin, A Man with a Camera (1929) by dir. Dz. Bertov, Enthusiasm: A Symphony of the Donbas (1930) by Dz. Bertov, Koliivshchyna (1933) by I. Kavaleridze, Prometheus (1935) by I. Kavaleridze, Natalka-Poltavka (1936) by I. Kavaleridze, A Zaporizhzhian Cossack Beyond the Danube (1937) by I. Kavaleridze, The Forest Song (1957) by V. Ivchenko, Chasing Two Hares (1961) by dir. V. Ivanov, The Hired Help (1963) by dir. I. Molostova and V. Lapoknish, Zakhar Berkut (1971) by dir. L. Osyka, as well as the first author’s cut of the film Conscience (1968) by Volodymyr Denysenko.  


Also for the first time, the exhibition will demonstrate authentic photographs made by the founder of Ukrainian cinema A. Fedetskyi, as well as materials that show the historical process of cinema development. Among the exhibits are: filming equipment, posters demonstrating the development of Ukrainian poster art in the early ХХ century, sketches made by production designers (V. Krychevskyi, Yu. Yutsevych, T. Liashchuk, H. Yakutovych, M. Rakovskyi, Yu. Maier, M. Symashkevych), photos and manuscripts illustrating the lives of directors, actors, writers – people whi made Ukrainian cinema: Oleksandr Dovzhenko, Danylo Demutskyi, Ivan Mykolaichuk, Yurii Illienko, Ivan Kavaleridze and others.  


All together, the exhibition presents photos, sketches and posters for over 20 different films, among them: The Fruit of Love (1926), The Night Cabby (1928), Jalma (1928), Jimmy Higgins (1928), Taras Triasylo (1926), Taras Shevchenko (1951), Chasing Fate (1927), Nazar Stodolia (1954), Natalka Poltavka (1936), Two Days (1927), Arsenal (1929), A Spring for the Thirsty (1965), The Eve of Ivan Kupalo (1968), The Hired Help (1964), Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (1965), The Legend of Princess Olha (1983), Zakhar Berkut (1971), The Lost Letter (1972)  and other films.


The event starts at 17:00, in Kyiv, 9 Lavrska Street, building 26 (on the premises of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra). The exhibition will continue until February 1, 2017.

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