Dovzhenko Centre and the National Art Museum of Ukraine continue to introduce young viewers to the art of slidefilm. On December 17 the Museum will hold a screening of the slidefilm based on the Slovak folk tale The Magic Lantern and drawn in 1988 by a celebrated modern Ukrainian artist — Tiberii Silvashi. Few people know that, apart from his paintings, the non-figurative artist, so well-known in and outside Ukraine today, for several decades drew slidefilms at Ukrkinokhronika Studio. Masterfully outlined and detailed images are combined with abstract elements and innovative techniques, with exceptionally sensitive use of color. 

The end of the 1980-s was the time when the artist discovered the genre of so-called non-narrativism, which is felt as a contrast background to the slidefilms of the period, filled with text and figurativeness. Silvashi’s most favoured subject of choice is folk tales, both Ukrainian and European, or their literary adaptations, where one can find deep hidden messages, several layers of meanings and allusions.

The Magic Lantern is a metaphorical coming-of-age story, filled with fantastic adventures and magic. A magic lantern accompanies the main character, a seven-year-old boy, and helps him develop into a teenager and, eventually, into an adult. On this journey, the boy learns the price of wealth, meets a wicked wizard, talks to severe forces of nature – winds, and in the end wins the heart of a princess.

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