On November 12, 2017, Oleksandr Dovzhenko’s silent film Arsenal (1929), which is part of the KOLO DZIGI cinematic performance series, will be screening  in The FilmFestival Cottbus (Cottbus, Germany). The restored version of this historical revolutionary epic will be shown with the music of Guy Bartell and Bronnt Industries Kapital.


Oleksandr Dovzhenko’s film Arsenal (1929) tells the story of the Bolshevik uprising at Kyiv’s Arsenal plant and its suppression by the Central Rada forces. The film was shot in VUFKU Odessa Film Studio by the camera of legendary cameraman Danylo Demutskyi in the original film set by Volodymyr Muller. The expressionist imagery, the perfect camerawork and the original drama took the film far beyond the usual propaganda and made it one the most important works of Ukrainian avant-garde cinema.


The FilmFestival Cottbus was first held in 1991 in the immediate post-reunification era and is regarded as the most important festival of Eastern European Cinema worldwide. The host city of Cottbus is located 120 km southeast of Berlin and is a gateway to the east, only a few miles away from the border to Poland in the bilingual (German/Sorbian) Lausitz region in the state of Brandenburg.


Every year, filmmakers, producers and actors from Eastern and Central Europe meet in Cottbus. The film industry platform “connecting cottbus” plays an important role in bringing together filmmakers, producers and potential financiers. It even pushes some projects from the first idea to the actual film. FilmFestival Cottbus is a hallmark as a consumer and industry meeting alike.


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