Ukrainian premier of The Eleventh Year animated trailer

At the screening of Dziga Vertov's The Eleventh Year (1928), which is to be held on March 27 as part of the KOLO DZIGI series, the audience will have an opportunity to watch a unique video discovered by Dutch and Ukrainian film historians.


The film will be preceded by a demonstration of the unique animated The Eleventh Year trailer, most likely created by Dziga Vertov together with the artist, photographer and designer Alexander Rodchenko in 1928. The trailer was discovered in the Netherlands in the 1990s. The film was bought about ten years ago as part of a small archive of  Vertov’s memorabilia. Because the film was shot on the old flammable material (35mm) it was handed over to the Eye Institute in Amsterdam for preservation.



The trailer will be demonstrated in Ukraine for the first time.

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