The collection features three documentaries:

Mykola Amosov, director Tymur Zoloiev, 1971, 56 min.

20 Years Later. Meetings with Amosov, director Tymur Zoloiev, 1989, 58 min.

Amosov: a Century, director Serhiy Lysenko, 2013, 87 min.

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AMOSOV. The Century


On December 6, 2013, the world-famous Ukrainian heart surgeon Mykola Amosov would turn 100. For this anniversary, Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Centre, commissioned by the Ukrainian Film State Agency, published the DVD-collection Amosov: a Century, which came out in early 2014.


The collection features three documentary films about Mykola Amosov, which were made 20 years apart from one another:


Mykola Amosov

Director Tymur Zoloiev, 1971, 56 min.

20 Years Later. Meetings with Amosov

Director Tymur Zoloiev, 1989, 58 min.

Amosov: a Century 

Director Serhiy Lysenko, 2013, 87 min.

Mykola Amosov (1913–2002) – one of the world’s best-known heart surgeons, talented scientist, founder of biocybernetics in Ukraine, real member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1969) and of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (1993), founder and director of the Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, nationally and internationally acclaimed writer. Author of a system approach to health (“a system of restrictions and exercise”), works on gerontology, studies in artificial intelligence and social engineering: The Thoughts and the Heart (1964, published in 30 languages), Notes form the Future (1965), PPG-2266: A Surgeon’s War (1975), Thoughts on Health (1977), A Child’s Health and Happiness (1979), The Book of Happiness and Miseries (1983), How to Beat the Old Age (1996), My Health System (1997), Voices of the Times (1998), Thoughts (2000), My Philosophy of Life (2003).


I devoted my life to surgery. But not only it: there was a degree in Engineering, cybernetics, studies and models of the body, the intellect, the mind, the society. There have been students, their theses, my articles and books. I have always wanted to understand: where does this complexity of the world come from? What is Truth? How does a mind work – any kind –animal’s, human, social? Ultimately – what awaits humanity?

Mykola Amosov

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