The Cinematographic Revision of Donbas 2.0

Book (ukr.), 

Soft cover




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The Cinematographic Revision of Donbas 2.0 - Winner of the competition Best Book Design of the International Festival Book Arsenal 2018


The publication explores the place of the Donbas region in the history of the Ukrainian culture and cinema, analyses the image of miners' work on screen before and following Ukraine's independence and demonstrates the influence of the Soviet rhetoric on the modern films about Donbas and general perception of the region.


The book includes articles by both Ukrainian and foreign researchers: Hiroaki Kuromiya, Yevhenii Marholit, Olha Briukhovetska, Olena Stiazhkina, Oleksii Radynskyi, Serhy Yekelchyk, Kateryna Yakovlenko, Lesia Kulchynska, Kyrylo Tkachenko, as well as film experts from Dovzhenko Centre: Stanislav Menzelevskyi, Oleksandr Teliuk, Anna Onufriienko.


This research continues and expands the publication The Cinematographic Revision of Donbas, which was printed in a small run by Dovzhenko Centre and the State Fund for Fundamental Research in 2015.


And yet, this book is the first research of such kind. Due to the academic structure and modern methodology, the publication offers a new look at the image of the region and allows to trace the origin of Donbas heroic narrative.


What makes The Cinematographic Revision of Donbas. 2.0 special is its careful selection of video materials and newsreel photography of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.   Moreover, the book contains nearly the largest Donbas filmography in the Ukrainian Soviet and Post-Soviet, and also modern world cinema. 


The new simple and clean design, the focus on the visual materials relating to the cultural routine life of Donbas cities and Inclusion of new texts will make the publication interesting not only for cinema and history researchers, but also for the general readership and international audience.


The famous miniature monument to Artem by Ivan Kavaleridze in gypsum plaster is added as a bonus to each book of this limited edition.