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I rather think so is an album-artbook with the works of the renowned master and classic of the Ukrainian animation Yevgeny Sivokon. The publication includes unique collages and installations from the author's collection as well as his comments. 


"When planning this album, I hoped that I would find a story for each collage, each installation. Unfortunately, I did not! My literary talent was exhausted. Therefore, all the following works in this album do not have the author's comments. I count entirely on the reader's imagination," Yevgeny Sivokon comments on the concept of his album.

The publication is also complemented by a small block of memoirs: articles and memories of Yevgeny Sivokon's friends, colleagues and students, namely, of the director Stepan Koval and artist Eduard Kirich.


Yevgeny Sivokon is one of the most prominent modern Ukrainian directors of animated films. He is the author of such cult works as The man and The Word (1973, scriptwriter, Diploma of the Third International Animation Festival, Zagreb, 1974; the second prize of the All-Union Film Festival, Baku, 1974), Beware - The Nerves! (1975), Window (1989, Film Award Nika nominee), Kompromiks (2002), Snow Will Cover The Roads... (2005), Let's Save and Keep (2008), etc. As a scriptwriter and production designer, the director contributed to creating over 30 animated films that received awards at such international festivals as Krok, Animadrid, Zolotoy Vityaz, Kinolev, International Film Festival in Zagreb, Clermont-Ferrand, Dervio, etc. He educated several generations of modern Ukrainian animators. I rather think so is the director's third book.