Anthology of Ukrainian film critics of the 1920s.

Volume 1. Cinema / Analisa

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Anthology of Ukrainian film critics of the 1920s. Volume 1. Cinema / Analysa


The anthology of Ukrainian film critics of the 1920s is a new book series by Dovzhenko Center, which explores and combines the most interesting, original and influential critical articles of the 1920s about cinema.

Volume 1. Cinema / Analisa


The first volume is devoted to the beginnings of Ukrainian cinema theory. The cinema in Ukraine gained an institutional and economic foundation only after the creation of the All-Ukrainian Photo Cinema Management (VUFKU) in 1922. With the onset of Ukrainianization in 1923, humanitarian criticism gained a formidable form, and after the foundation of the Kino magazine, the first Ukrainian-language specialized cinematographic publication in 1925, the discussion of cinema became no longer a matter of affluent singles, but a systemic phenomenon.

At that time, a Ukrainian cinema theoretic school was formed, which managed to identify some interesting development vectors that are worth finding today.


Anthology compilers Stanislav Menzelevskyi and Oleksandr Teliuk. Author of the introduction: Stanislav Menzelevskyi.

The volume includes texts by leading cultural figures of the 1920-th: Mykola Lyadov, Kazimir Malevich, Valeryan Polishchuk, Mikhail Kaufman and others.